No Search Results in Windows Sharepoint Server or TFS Project Portal?

July 24th, 2010

If you’ve got a WSS3.0 Installation, (as part of TFS 2010 or not) then you may be struggling to get ANY search results from your project portal.

This is caused by a bug with WSS3.0 (with SP2) whereby Sharepoint will not index any Site Collection content, UNLESS a root Site Collection exists.

Typically with TFS 2010, you would normally simply create a site collection at
and this is where your TFS Site Collections will live.

Unfortunately, unless you can actually browse to content at
You’ll never see any search results!

The easiest way to fix this, is simply to create a new site collection in the root. If you’re doing this as part of TFS 2010, you’re best of making a Wiki Site, or at least NOT chosing a ‘Team’ Site, otherwise the Site Collection will moan about not being connected to a TFS 2010 Team Project Collection…

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