Upgrade WSS2.0 to WSS3.0 on Server 2008

July 27th, 2010

There’s a lot of forum activity from people bewlidered about how to migrate from WSS2 to WSS3, especially when it involves a change of underlying OS too.

I started this process myself about a month ago and downloaded a document from MS about the migration process – the document is here (do not download it, at 128 pages, it’s about 127 pages too long)

I’ll now show you in a few easy steps how to migrate and upgrade, using the following assumptions

  • You have a WSS2.0 instance (either as part of TFS 2005/08 or not) on a server called ‘oldserver’
  • You have a test server called ‘testserver’ with an installation of WSS3.0 running on SQL 05/08.
  • Your migration destination is a server called ‘newserver’, and is also running WSS3.0

First of all you’ll be wanting to download and run the pre-scan tool. This has to be run on the ‘oldserver’ as it will mark the database as being ready to upgrade. Follow the instructions here

After this tool has be run, you’ll be wanting to take a SQL backup of your WSS content database. (i just used SQL Server Management Studio) If it’s part of TFS 2005/08 it’s probably called something like ‘WSS_Content_TFS’ . *You can find the name of your old content db name by checking the the WSS2.0 Central Admin pages.

Now, restore your database on ‘testserver’ (again I used SQL Management Studio). Once restored, you’ll now need to tell your WSS3.0 instance to attach the db. We do this through the SharePoint command line utility stsadm. The command for adding the content db into WSS is as follows:

stsadm -o addcontentdb -url http://testserver -databasename WSS_DB_NAME -databaseserver testserver

Now, you have a WSS2.0 database attached to your testserver, which is running WSS3.0 so you’ll be wanting to upgrade that now… Again, on stsadm, we use

stsadm.exe -o upgrade -inplace -url http://testserver

So now we have a WSS3.0 instance with a bang-up-to-date db attached. It’s now just a case of ‘moving’ this db onto your new server. If you’re moving to TFS 2010, you will almost certainly want to edit the Site Collection URL. For this reason (and many more) we use the stsadm commands again. At this point, I’m just interested in moving the root Site Collection from my testserver to the newserver, so we run the following

stsadm.exe -o backup -url “http://testserver” -filename sitecollection.bak

This will create a file called sitecollection.bak in the following folder:
c:\Program Files\common files\microsoft shared\web server extensions\12\bin

Now, copy that file to the same folder on your ‘newserver’. Now log on to your newserver and run the following command to restore the collection

stsadm.exe -o restore -url “http//newserver/sites/whateveryouwant” -filename sitecollection.bak

You’ve now got an up-to-date WSS3.0 site collection running on your new server, whilst the old server remains running WSS2.0.

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